• Light Panel A3
    Light Panel A3

    Our LED light panels are an essential and versatile cross-curricular resource. With a new anti-trip magnetic connector and 3 light level settings they provide a cool, clean, bright illuminated background and are…

    € 114,99
  • Transparent box (light panel A3)
    Transparent box (light panel A3)

    Large clear shallow thermoplastic cover designed to fit over our A3 Light Panel 73406, providing an illuminated container for a range of art, craft, messy play, sensory or exploration activities.! A3 Light Panel…

    € 38,99
  • Transparent tweezers
    Transparent tweezers

    Bright fun tweezers, great for exploring colour through light and an ideal size for children to manipulate. Use for picking up small counters in sorting or patterning activities, to improve finger and hand…

    € 1,99
  • Magnetic bingo chips
    Magnetic bingo chips

    Magnetic transparent bingo chips with different game options. Can be used for calculating, recognizing colors, light table, ....
    The chips are 17mm in size and have 6 different colors
    The magnetic stick is not…

    € 25,99
  • Magnetic stick
    Magnetic stick

    Magnetic stick to be used in combination with the magnetic bingo chips. Can be used for calculating, recognizing colors, light table, ...
    The magnetic sticks are 20cm in size and have 6 different colors.The…

    € 2,49
  • Bingo chips
    Bingo chips

    Bingo chips with different game options. Can be used for calculating, recognizing colors, light table, ...
    The chips are supplied in a 1.5l pot, are 22mm in size and have 4 different colors.

    ∙ PACKAGE…

    € 21,99
  • Fine sand
    Fine sand

    Fine sand to get creative on the sand and / or light table. This fine sand comes in a 475ml jar. Available in different colors (blue, gold, lilac, red, yellow and white).

    ! For a transparent tray light panel A3,…

    € 4,49
  • Connetix

    Construction material with super strong magnets to connect to each other. Beveled edges for strength and scratch resistance. Play and creativity using connetix become more involved and more complex as children…

    € 45,95
  • Interlox construction
    Interlox construction

    Interlox Discs provide colorful, easily interlocking building pieces to engage children in open-ended play. Discs are made of colorful, translucent plastic with multiple notches for flexible building. Use the five…

    € 21,99
  • Sakkaro

    Transparent construction material that is very suitable for the light table. Create great models by stacking, assembling and nesting them. The Sakkaro comes with a booklet with more than 100 possible examples to…

    € 30,99
  • Playstix

    Transparent playstix that are very suitable for the light table. Create great models by stacking and fitting them together. The playstix includes a booklet with possible shapes to reconstruct. It includes 97…

    € 29,99
  • Geometric lace shapes
    Geometric lace shapes

    Game related to spatial orientation + fine motor skills. The children thread the colored ropes through the shapes on the basis of assignment cards. The shapes are protected in a wooden frame. Because the shapes…

    € 33,99
  • Sensory Bubble Set
    Sensory Bubble Set

    Our highly attractive crystal clear sensory liquid sets contain colourful mineral oil and water in a range of designs. When turned upside down they provide a variety of ways for the droplets to fall or rise. The…

    € 9,99
  • Clear Junior Rainbow Pebbles
    Clear Junior Rainbow Pebbles

    An appealing early construction and manipulative set, ideal for developing fine motor skills and are fascinating viewed on a light panel. The smooth pebbles come in 3 shapes and 6 soft translucent colours.


    € 23,99
  • Rainbow Block Set
    Rainbow Block Set

    24 rubberwood blocks in 6 shapes and with 4 different transparent coloured acrylic inserts for building, comparing, shape recognition, colour mixing and for use on a light box.

    * 24 rubber…

    € 33,99
  • Splats
    € 22,99
  •  Color padels
    Color padels
    € 4,99
  • Connect people
    Connect people
    € 21,99
  • Counters
    € 25,99
  • Color pots
    Color pots
    € 21,99
  • Holow paterns
    Holow paterns
    € 17,99
  • Building blocks
    Building blocks
    € 40,99
  •  Click-in building blocks
  •  Geometric building blocks
  • Letters

    Transparent pink silicone letters that are strong, soft and flexible. They can be used in the sandbox, on the floor, light box and also in the water. The arrows indicate the direction for correct letter…

    € 18,99
  • Letters (small)
    Letters (small)

    Transparent plastic capital letters. Ideal for developing letter recognition. Also very suitable for the light table.

    * Transparent capitals. (26 pieces)

    ∙ TO DO:

    € 9,49
  •  Numbers (number image)
  •  Numbers (writing pattern)
  •  Numbers (small)
    Numbers (small)
    € 3,99

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